Gotham City Impostors console beta goes live today

360 version needs a key, PS3 version doesn't

Monolith's downloadable multiplayer FPS based on the Batman universe, Gotham City Impostors has launched its open beta test today.

Gotham City Impostors plays out as a constant battle between Batman lookalikes called Batz and Joker wannabes called wait for it Jokerz. Players can custmoise their own Batz and Jokerz and Batz and take on each other across some warped Gotham City locations.

The game also features a selection of bizarre gear and home made weapons creating one of the more interesting multiplayer propositions of the year so far.

Xbox 360 gamers will need to sign up for a beta key on the Gotham City Impostors official website but PS3 gamers can download the beta client and get going straight away.

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