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DRM just wastes money says Paradox

It also annoys the customers says Paradox's CEO

Frank Wester, CEO and co-owner of PC publisher Paradox Interactive has explained why they don't use DRM to protect their titles.

Paradox publishes mainly PC games and Wester pointed out that, as well as the inconvenience to the customer that DRM causes in is a ridiculous expense for a system that will probably be circumvented about three days after release.

He began: "If you take something like Sony's DRM, SecuROM -- it's a waste of money. It will keep you protected for three days, it will create a lot of technical support, and it will not increase sales."

"I know this for a fact," Wester continued, "because we tried it eight years ago, and it never worked for us. Two major reasons: it costs money and it makes you lose money, and the other is that it's so inconvenient to customers."

Thanks GameSpy.

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