Modern Warfare 3 DLC begins to arrive for COD Elite subscribers

Xbox Live Gold gamers get them first of course

The first elements of Modern Warfare 3 downloadable content have arrived for Call of Duty Elite Premium subscribers on Xbox Live.

Two new maps have arrived in what Activision are calling the Call of Duty Elite Drops giving multiplayer fans a bit more variety.

Elite Drop 1 is the Liberation map. Set in a militarised interpretation of New York's Central Park which provides a wealth of opportunities for snipers and support gunners to cut down their enemies.

The next map which arrives with Elite Drop 2 is the Piazza map. This is set in a small coastal village in Italy and offers a haven for those who like fighting in close quarters with tight alleyways, blind corners and plenty of opportunities to attack from above or below.

By way of a celebration of the launch Activision will be holding a screenshot competition for Xbox Live COD Elite subscribers on the new maps with real-world prizes on offer which runs through to the end of the month.

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