GTA V attracting attention from the major record companies

GTA series is perfect for showcasing some classic tunes

Grand Theft Auto V is being seen as an attractive proposition for the big record companies as well as games retailers.

EMI has commented on the value of the series for them to get some more airtime for their massive back-catalogue of hits.

The company's VP of music resources said: "Over the years, the Grand theft Auto series has provided EMI Music Publishing with a unique opportunity to get sync placements for some hidden gems in our catalogue that otherwise may not have landed in the world of video games. We look forward to working with Rockstar Games on future versions of this fantastic series and to continuing to deliver value to our songwriters in this regard."

Grand Theft Auto V was announced with a very nice teaser trailer last November although Rockstar have yet to give any indication of when it will actually be released.

Thanks Music Week.

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