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Final Fantasy XI expanded

Maybe we'll get the original one day

Whilst us neglected Europeans might quite rightly feel rather aggrieved at this news, those jammy online gamers stateside will be getting a new upgrade for FFXI on the PC in the shape of Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia. We don't even have the original on PS2 or PC yet here! This SquareEnix developed add-on will be purchasable in stores, rather than downloadable online, and will debut this autumn in the US and Japan.

In both territories Square's first foray into the murky realms of the MMORPG is going surprisingly well, and this new add-on will no doubt enthuse gamers further with new realms to explore on offer. Apparently, the Chains of Promathia will also offer exposition concerning several of the game's more subtle plotlines, not that we'd know much about those...

More information on this soon, in the meantime we'll keep monitoring the powers that be in the hope that this PS2-PC hit will reach the continent at some point.

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