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Xbox Live Gold gamers get early access to The Darkness II demo

Demo out today for Xbox Live Gold members

Xbox Live Gold subscribers will get a nice little surprise from 2K Games today when the demo for The Darkness II arrives to download on Xbox Live.

Fans of the first game will get a taste of the new Quad-Wielding game mechanic as they help Jackie Estacado fight off a group of enemies bent on claiming the powers of the Darkness for themselves.

The new Quad-Wielding system allows players to effectively control two weapons while using the Darkness's demon arms to grab and throw enemies and objects around the game world.

The demo will be available for Silver Xbox Live users, PSN users (US Only) and PC gamers on Steam in the January the 24th. European PSN users get the demo a bit later on January the 25th.

The Darkness II is out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on February the 7th in North America and February the 10th in Europe.

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