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CD Projekt ceases legal action against pirates

CEO apologises to fans and calls for community to take a stand on piracy

CD Projekt, the studio behind The Witcher RPG series has decided to change their approach to video game piracy.

Instead of using DRM, which the Polish studio believes is an approach that doesn't work, they chose to pursue legal action against individuals believed to have pirated their titles. This action was not welcomed by their community and they have changed their minds and ceased all legal action.

In an open letter to their fans CD Projekt CEO Marcin Iwinski apologised for their approach saying that they will not take any further legal action just in case they end up pursuing someone who was playing the game legally by mistake.

Iwinski finished with a heart-felt plea to their community not to tolerate piracy saying: "Let's make this clear: we don't support piracy. It hurts us, the developers. It hurts the industry as a whole. Though we are staunch opponents of DRM because we don't believe it has any effect on reducing piracy, we still do not condone copying games illegally. We're doing our part to keep our relationship with you, our gaming audience, a positive one. We've heard your concerns, listened to your voices, and we're responding to them. But you need to help us and do your part: don't be indifferent to piracy. If you see a friend playing an illegal copy of a game-any game-tell your friend that they're undermining the possible success of the developer who created the very game that they are enjoying. Unless you support the developers who make the games you play, unless you pay for those games, we won't be able to produce new excellent titles for you."

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