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Sony aiming to do better with Move

Move titles meet with a mixed response

The boss of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, Fergal Gara has confessed that, despite solid sales, they could have done much better by their Move motion controller.

He admitted that with Sports Champions being the most successful dedicated Move title selling "a couple of hundred thousand units" other titles have received a mixed reception.

Gara began: "I'd say we have a solid foothold with [Move]. Could it, should it, have done more? I think so. It is the strength of the software that goes with it that is paramount. And weve had a widely different performance from the various Move titles. Sports Champions is by far the most successful, selling a couple of hundred thousand units, which is a healthy performance. But it does vary thereafter."

"So I'd say we are in the market, we have got a shout," he continued. "Forthcoming titles are going to be important. We take some encouragement from things we can mention, such as Sorcery which is on the schedule, and other things that we know are bubbling under. It is a focus from a studio point-of-view to bring out stronger titles."

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