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Ubisoft: Ghost Recon Online will be triple-A quality

New title to challenge the idea that free-to-play titles don't match up to triple-A releases

Ubisoft's Thomas Seris has hit out at the idea that the quality of Ghost Recon Online will suffer because it is a free-to-play title.

Seris explained that Ubisoft Shanghai are concentrating heavily on providing a real triple-A experience with Ghost Recon Online.

He said:"As a player, it's difficult for me to accept that business models are relevant criteria to judge the quality of a video game. Some MMOs switched from a subscription to a free-to-play model, so it's purely a perception issue. Because of this, Free is sometimes synonymous with low quality products, games that publishers cannot charge for. The real question is to understand how the free-to-play model is impacting gameplay. The development philosophy behind Ghost Recon Online is to ensure payers are not given a specific advantage over players. This is great, because the game is all about competition, and it requires fairness. As a consequence, Ubisoft Singapore is focusing on providing players with a great triple-A Ghost Recon game, regardless of the way it generates revenue."

Seris continued: "We simply won't hide from our free-to-play nature and this message will be prominent in our campaign. We're also looking forward to leveraging a franchise history made of various memorable extremely well-reviewed games. Ultimately, the promotional support behind the game, the quality of PR and advertising assets, or just simply the type of campaign behind Ghost Recon Online will definitely be on par with a triple-A boxed product campaign."

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