iPad 3 and iPad 4 could arrive in 2012?

Are Apple planning a double-dose of tablet action?

Strange rumours are circulating from component manufacturers that 2 new generations of iPad could be on their way in 2012.

According to the rumours the first device would launch in March and feature a new higher resolution (1536 x 2048) and improved battery life. These specifications suggest that it would be more of an iPad 2S than an iPad 3.

The next device which is estimated to arrive around October time would feature the same screen but a much more powerful processor and an array of integrated applications to compete with the array of Windows and Android powered tablets due out at the end of the year.

It's important to stress that these are unconfirmed rumours but it would be safe to assume that Apple will be releasing at least one new iteration of the iPad in 2012.

Thanks Digitimes.

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