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Star Trek Online to go free-to-play next week

The MMO free-to-play switch continues

Cryptic has revealed their plans to offer Star Trek Online as a free-to-play MMO beginning next week.

The existing subscription model will continue to operate alongside the free-to-play option with subscribers becoming Gold members and getting additional features over the Silver free-to-play members.

Using a new virtual currency, Cryptic points, Silver players will be able to add bridge officers, re-spec their characters and pick up premium ships. Silver players will also have limited access to features like Fleet creation, in-game chat and mail, forums and customer service access compared with Gold players. Veteran awards and priority login will be restricted to Gold members only.

Star Trek Online will go free-to-play from January the 17th with Silver membership opening up to lapsed subscribers as well as new players.

Thanks Star Trek Online Official Site.

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