Court orders Viacom to pay 383 million USD to Harmonix

Harmonix to get their bonuses, just not quite as much as they'd wanted

Dance Central developer Harmonix is set to receive a nice windfall as a court has ordered their former parent company Viacom to pay them a hefty settlement.

The dispute surrounds unpaid bonuses to Harmonix shareholders from 2008 and a US court has ruled that Viacom should pay 383 million USD to Harmonix which is less than the 550 million USD cited in the original suit by Harmonix founders Alex Rigopolous and Eran Egozy.

Viacom will contest the ruling claiming that certain arguments and evidence from their case were "improperly excluded".

In late 2010 Harmonix bought themselves back from their parent company for just 49.99 USD after Viacom sought to extricate themselves from the games industry and the debts associated with the expensive music licenses that the Rock Band series had accrued, saving themselves 50 million USD in the process.

Thanks LA Times.

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