Steam hits 5 million concurrent users

New record set on January the 2nd

Valve's all-conquering digital platform for PC and Mac has hit a new record high with 5 million concurrent users.

The beginning of the year saw 5 million PC gamers logged on to Steam playing core titles spurred on by the success of big titles like Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim.

Unsurprisingly Skyrim was the most popular title with 50,000 users and Modern Warfare 3 came in third with 27,500 concurrent users mixing it up with Valve's big guns Counter-Strike Source and Team Fortress 2.

Steam remains the most popular digital platform with 35 million registered users and 1500 games available on the service. Since its launch with Half-Life 2 in 2003 Steam has spread onto Mac and even the PS3 with Portal 2.

Thanks Develop Online.

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