3DS skips past the 4 million sales milestone

Nintendo has a very happy Christmas

Nintendo's new 3D handheld has enjoyed a very good Christmas period helping it to reach the very decent 4 million units sales milestone.

A strong Christmas software lineup did plenty to help the 3DS get there with the release of both Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 spurring on sales. In the US both titles also became the first 3DS titles to sell 1 million copies.

Nintendo of America's VP of sales and marketing, Scott Moffit said: "One of the strongest software lineups in our history helped Nintendo have a great holiday season and to close 2011 with a full head of steam. Not only have the new Mario and Zelda titles already broken records, but with strong reviews and satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences, all three are also shaping up to be the latest long-tail titles from Nintendo. Couple that with a massive first- and third party lineup in the first part of the year and the prospects for 2012 are extremely promising."

Nintendo is promising just as much in 2012 with Mario Party, Pokemon and Kid Icarus titles due out from their own studios as well as third party releases like Resident Evil: Revelations and the long-awaited Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater.

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