Yakuza Zero announced for PS4 and PS3

This should be interesting...

SEGA has announced details of the new Yakuza game that they are working on and it will be a direct entry in the series.

It's not a sequel though. Yakuza Zero is a prequel to the first game, which released on PS2 way back in 2005, and follows a 20-year-old Kazuma Kiryu and 24-year-old Majima Goro which winds the story clock back to December 1988.

At this point in time Kazuma is just a bill collector for the Tojo Clan's Dojima Family and Majima is a cabaret club manager who has turned his club around to become one of the hottest nightspots in Soutenbori, Osaka. Yakuza Zero announced for PS4 and PS3

There's no news of a release date for Yakuza Zero as yet but SEGA reckons it's around 65 percent complete on PS4 and PS3.

Thanks Gematsu.

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