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BioWare appeals for patience as The Old Republic sees long queues

Smooth launch plans start to falter

Players of BioWare's new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, have been forced to queue, in some instances for several hours, to get to play the game.

The Old Republic has been experiencing server issues despite EA and BioWare trying to build up the number of players more gradually by offering early access to those that pre-ordered the game.

BioWare's Stephen Reid appealed to players to either be patient or to play on a quieter server while they deal with the current issues. They are also working on a server migration tool to allow players to transfer their existing characters to another server although they have not confirmed when this will be ready.

Reid said: "We're experiencing high load and corresponding queues on some servers. This is to be expected during launch, as a high number of people want to play the game, and for long stretches at a time. Raising them too fast will create an influx of new players and perpetuate the problem. We do not expect the queues to alleviate on these servers for the foreseeable future. If you do not want to queue, you should consider playing on another server, many of which have very low or no queues."

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