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Star Wars: The Old Republic is live... Finally

The wait is over

The long-awaited debut MMO from BioWare, Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone live today world wide.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, as you'd expect from BioWare, is a fully story-driven MMO and it breaks new ground in the kind of high quality experience it delivers including fully voiced storylines, personal choices and consequences.

BioWare co-founder Dr Greg Zeschuk said: "The addition of story and personal choice to the MMO genre is going to fundamentally change the way people perceive MMOs moving forward, especially when it is experienced at its fullest potential with high-quality writing and voice acting. We are extremely happy with where The Old Republic stands at launch and we can't wait to grow the game with our community to make it even better in the future."

Star Wars: The Old Republic comes with 30 days play included with subscriptions available for 8.99 GBP for one month, 25.17 GBP for three months and 46.14 GBP for six months.

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