THQ in the clear over Ubisoft staff-poaching affair

Canadian court finds in favour of THQ

An Appeal Court judge has ruled in favour of THQ in the lawsuit taken out against them by Ubisoft over staff poaching.

Ubisoft had taken issue with the fact that THQ had lured away some key members of staff from Ubisoft Montreal to work at THQ's new super-studio in the city. These key staff members included Assassin's Creed man Patrice Desilets.

They filed a lawsuit claiming that a conflict of interests had arisen due to non-compete clauses in the staff contracts. The Appeal Court however, ruled that there was no conflict of interests putting THQ in the clear.

THQ's Ed Kaufman said: "The Court of Appeal's decision is a tremendous victory for THQ Montreal and all of the creative talent working in the video game industry in Montreal. We are thrilled with the Court's decision in this matter because we believe strongly in an individual's freedom to choose where they want to be employed."


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