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Gameforge details free-to-play Aion

Not much will change for existing Aion gamers

Gameforge has released details of what effects the switch to free-to-play will have for Aion players and newcomers.

From February all Aion players will have access to the Item Shop which gives players the chance to buy (with real money) unique and interesting items to customise their player with things like rare pets or new haircuts.

Players can also stump up the cash for the Gold Pack which removes all the accounts functional restrictions and grants additional bonuses to the player for a limited time, which can increase the amount of experience points gained or reduce the cooldown time after instance completion.

Current and lapsed players will experience no real difference in the changeover apart from the fact that they will no longer need to pay the monthly subscription. They will also receive Veteran status which will provide bonuses such as reduced cooldown times for instances as well as increased PvP coin rewards. New players will have full access to all the game content but limited access to the chat and auction house features. This is just to try and ensure that the game is not infiltrated by BOTs.

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