Duke Nukem Forever gets its first pack of DLC

Single and multiplayer content arrives in The Doctor Who Cloned Me

2K Games have launched the first pack of downloadable content for Gearbox's Duke Nukem Forever.

The Doctor Who Cloned me features both a new single-player campaign and added multiplayer content for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The single-player campaign sees Duke take on the evil Doctor Proton and his army of new enemies with an array of brand new weapons along with the requisite selection of additional Achievements/Trophies.

The pack also includes four new multiplayer maps Sky-High an alien-infested sky scraper in Las Vegas, Command the EDF command centre, Drop Zone the roof of Duke's Lady Killer Casino and Biohazard set in the Breston Plant Nuclear Facilities.

The Doctor Who Cloned Me is available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 MS points, PlayStation Network for 9.99 GBP and PC.

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