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Star Wars: The Old Republic early access goes live today

Pre-order gamers can get their hands on SWTOR from today

It has finally happened. After a series of delays that make the British train services seem punctual BioWare's debut MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic has finally gone live today.

Players who pre-ordered the game are now able to download the game client and take advantage of their early access keys and getting lost in a galaxy far far away.

BioWare co-founder Dr Ray Muzyka said: The Old Republic blends the best of breed features from the MMO space and adds significant innovations, resulting in an emotionally engaging online experience where you have a clear, meaningful purpose. Our Beta testers have told us we have truly captured the magic of the Star Wars universe and changed what they expect from an MMO. The Old Republic team is incredibly excited, honored and humbled to provide early access to our pre-order customers today. This is just the beginning of a grand adventure together!

Star Wars: The Old Republic will finally go live for everyone on December the 20th. Subscriptions come in at 14.99 USD for one month, 41.97 USD for three months and 77.94 USD for six months.

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