Mobile is the way forward for Football Manager says Sports Interactive

SI excited about the future possibilities

Sports Interactive, the studio behind the fiendishly addictive Football Manager series are currently working hard on exploring future platforms for the series.

The team are looking at tablets, cloud technology and microtransactions as future avenues for the series to move down.

Studio boss Miles Jacobson explained: "We're looking to hire six to ten engineers to work for us, particularly on next generation tech. And when I talk about next generation technology I'm not talking about consoles. I'm talking more about mobile platforms and what's happening in the PC and Mac world as well. We're not looking at coming back to console."

He continued on the mobile front: "The way mobile technology is going, I think we're going to get to a stage quite soon within the next two, three or four years where mobile tech catches up to where PCs were only a few years ago. So if we get to a stage where mobiles and tablets catch up, the decision that we've got to make is whether we port across the full experience, or whether we do something thats more like the handheld versions of Football Manager."

Football Manager 2012 is currently available on PC, PSP, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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