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Football Manager 2012 strikes iOS

The train home will never be the same again

SEGA and Sports Interactive have announced that today sees the launch of the iOS version of Football Manager 2012.

As with the PC and PSP versions, Football Manager 2012 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is crammed with hosts of new features that bring more depth to what is probably the best football management franchise on any device.

It also features a new challenge mode that will allow players to take on specific management problems across a shorter time period. Resolving issues with an unhappy squad, injury nightmares and even relegation battles can be tacked to see if players have what it takes to be real managers.

Sports Interactive boss, Miles Jacobson said: "We're delighted to be able to finally announce and release Football Manager Handheld 2012. Keeping the Challenge mode secret has been a challenge in itself but with its inclusion, and all the other new additions, we believe that the game will be another huge hit on the app store and can't wait to see the reaction to the game."

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