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3DS selling faster than the DS did

3DS sells in 8 months what the DS did in 12

Nintendo has revealed that despite its disappointing sales performance before the price drop the 3DS has outsold its predecessor during its launch year.

The 3DS has managed to reach 2.37 million units sold in eight months, a target that the DS took 12 months to reach.

Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime said: "In sales through this past Saturday - 8 months - [the 3DS] has outsold the full 12 months of the original DS. During that 12 months time, the original DS sold 2.37 million and we just surpassed that this past Saturday, so we've got real good momentum going into the holidays."

Fils-Aime also noted that, as well as the price drop, the release of Super Mario 3D Land has helped the 3DS reach more gamers.

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