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MechWarrior Online to be powered by CryEngine 3

Piranha enlisting beta sign-ups

Piranha Games has confirmed that they have signed a deal to build their upcoming online title MechWarrior Online using CryEngine 3.

The developer hopes to revive the popular giant robot combat title with an emphasis on customisable online combat using Crytek's cutting edge game engine.

Russ Bullock, president of Piranha said: "Working with CryEngine is a true pleasure. It is definitely the best choice for us: Both the character animation pipeline with the procedurally and physics based animations and the destruction system fit our goals perfectly and allow us to develop a truly unique AAA experience based on the award-winning BattleTech Universe."

Piranha are also recruiting for beta testing as well as giving MechWarrior fans the chance to reserve their pilot name on the game's official website.

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