DLC can help prolong game life says Epic

It's not just about selling the left-overs

Epic believes that they can combat the pre-owned market by extending the lifespan of their games using good DLC.

Rod Fergusson, production director at Epic emphasised that DLC should not be about just shipping what they couldn't fit into the game and more about keeping people playing so they don't just trade the game in for something else.

Fergusson explained that DLC is "less about shipping what's left over. It's not about, 'Oh, we had this map left over'... it's keeping the disc in the tray. In a used game culture that you have to actively fight against, I think DLC is one of the ways that you do that."

Creative director, Cliff Bleszinski added: "What people need to understand is that extra content is something that you have to plan. There are people who think that the first day of DLC development is the day after you launched. That's not the way it works. A lot of it is that you have to prepare and plan and manage your resources and your people and everything to allow for that. Its not about, 'Oh, we had this map left over.' You don't just lift up a rock and say, 'oh s**t, there's new levels!'"

Thanks CVG.

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