Richard Garriott not happy with where Ultima Online has gone without him

I would never have added elves and ninjas says Garriott

Ultima creator Richard "Lord British" Garriott is not impressed with the direction that EA has taken Ultima Online after his departure.

While Garriott is open to collaborating with EA again on Ultima but while there is no deal in the offing he has revealed that he plans to put together a new "Ultimate RPG" returning to the core values of the Ultima series.

He began: "Since I am no longer at the helm of UO, let's look at where it has gone in my absence. Elves and ninjas have been added into the game, things I specifically had banned. This is only a small example of why and how Ultima has drifted away from Richard Garriott, but I have not drifted away from Ultima. Overused, irrelevant and reused RPG elements are not the essence of my Ultimate RPG."

"It is clear to me that I, Richard Garriott, am an essential ingredient of at least the Ultimate Ultima, if not more broadly the Ultimate RPG," he continued. "Perhaps one day, now that the people who pushed me out of EA more than a decade ago are long since gone, EA will recognise that together, we could rebuild that franchise in a way that they have failed to do in the intervening years. Richard Garriott is an essential ingredient in the Ultimate Ultima! Now I wish I could still build in the previous world of Old Britannia. Yet until the powers at Electronic Arts see the wisdom of such a collaboration (some there do, and player pressure could help), I must plan to rebuild in a New Britannia."

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