Brendan McNamara reflects on the demise of Team Bondi

Management were "lambasted" over crunch working conditions

The head of the now-defunct LA Noire developer Team Bondi has been looking back on some of the reasons of behind the studio's premature closure.

Brendan McNamara, who headed up development on the Getaway series at Sony's Team Soho before setting up Team Bondi in Sydney, pointed to the inexperience of the studio staff as a whole as well as the furore surrounding their crunch period working conditions when completing LA Noire.

McNamara said: "When we set up in Sydney we went and talked to the other people that were making games in Australia and there were a lot more people doing it back then and we agreed with them that we wouldn't approach any of their people. So we literally took people fresh out of school who had never made a game before. And that's one of the reasons why it took longer, it's one of the reasons the process was more tortuous and one of the reasons we're getting slaughtered for it now."

There was a hint of bitterness when talking about the media storm over working conditions as he continued: "[Team Bondi's management] gets lambasted for this stuff, but I read in the LA Times the week before E3 that everybody at Naughty Dog had been working for three days straight and were walking around like drunks and it was going to be like that until [Uncharted 3] was finished. Theres not a word said about that, but we get vilified for that kind of thing."

It was confirmed early on last month that Team Bondi had succumbed to its troubles and closed its doors after a whole host of rumours that it was in administration and most of its assets had been sold off to Mad Max production company, Kennedy Miller Mitchell.

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