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Confused reports reveal then deny the existence of a Move BioShock Infinite peripheral

Probably no new bit of plastic to clog up your living room after all

Yesterday it was reported that there may be a new PS Move peripheral arriving to accompany Irrational Games next title BioShock Infinite.

The peripheral's existence was apparently buried at the bottom of an entry about Move on the official PlayStation website. The information has since been removed from the website altogether.

Irrational Games came out today and said quite unequivocally that they had no plans to release a Move add-on to accompany and indeed enhance the game's experience when played using Sony's motion-sensing tech.

Irrational boss Ken Levine said that after initial reservations the got quite excited about the possibilities that using Move as a control scheme would present for immersing into their latest masterpiece.

He enthused: "Once we got past the initial anxiety about how our game would translate to Move, we started to see other ways that we could use it to interact with the world and Elizabeth. Were just starting to get our head around what that can mean."

Thanks VideoGamer and MCV.

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