Developer opinion: PS3 has the edge now

Devs reckon that the PS3 has stepped ahead

Several developers have stated their belief that the PS3 now has the hardware advantage over the Xbox 360.

Square Enix's technical director Julian Merceron and Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi both reckon that the PlayStation 3 now has a definite advantage over the Xbox 360 now as long as developers spend a bit of extra time to make use of the PS3's extra power.

Merceron enthused: "Some consumers could have gotten the feeling in 2006/2007 that graphically Xbox 360 games were more advanced, but today it is quite different in fact! Personally, Id say that on PS3 I believe there are some major improvements that can still be done, taking advantage of parallelisation and using more of the CPU for graphics tasks. At the end of current home Console life cycle, it is very possible consumers might get the feeling PS3 is slightly ahead of Xbox 360 in terms of graphics, but it will only happen if developers dedicate time to really push things on PS3!"

Hayashi agreed adding: "PS3 came out a year later than the X360. Because of its later arrival, I would say that the PS3 has a slight advantage in performance."

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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