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Shadow Realms lead writer talks the inspiration behind the game's story

BioWare's new online RPG inspired by everything from modern horror to comics

BioWare's Hall Hood has been talking about the inspirations behind the story themes of their new online RPG Shadow Realms.

As lead writer on Shadow Realms Hood explained that they looked at the kind of stories that paint the modern world in a magical light alluding to things like Japanese horror flick Ring, Harry Potter and classic comic and movie series Blade as major influences.

“The “modern fantasy” story genre reminds us how strange our present reality can be by injecting supernatural elements into familiar experiences,” Hood wrote on the Shadow Realms blog. “Ordinary students dropping out of business school to attend magical academies run by witches… secret orders of demon hunters wandering the interstates in heavily-armed muscle cars… cursed online videos summoning ravenous evil spirits from beyond… these are the kinds of tales that inspire the Shadow Realms development team. There is something uniquely exciting about stories where people just like us discover legends and nightmares are real—and we have to save our world from them.” Shadow Realms lead writer talks the inspiration behind the game's story

Of course, pen and paper RPGs have played their part too.“We grew up playing classic tabletop RPGs, and many of us have played adventures where magic, elves and dragons enter the real world to make trouble,” he went on. “We fill in character sheets with our actual names and use our school or office building floor plans as dungeon maps. (They work remarkably well. Coincidence? We don’t think so.) The appeal of modern fantasy is that it lets us imagine ourselves as the main characters. We don’t have to be born as a gnome wizard in an imaginary kingdom to qualify for an epic adventure.”

BioWare is gearing up for an alpha test of Shadow Realms and is still looking for players to sign up.

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