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No resources to do Twisted Metal in 3D says Jaffe

There should be more 3D games

Eat Sleep Play's David Jaffe has revealed their reasons behind the choice not to build in 3D support in Twisted Metal.

While professing his enthusiasm for 3D gaming Jaffe explained that they simply don't have the resources at Eat Sleep Play to add 3D functionality to Twisted Metal without sacrificing quality somewhere else in the game.

He explained on his personal Twitter account: "Twisted Metal in 3D would be cool but we didn't have the resources and choose to spend our efforts elsewhere. How does that equate to me not being excited about 3D games/TVs? If you can take anything about my views on 3D games/TVs it's that I don't think there are tons out there at the moment and that I would've liked to have seen us do TM in 3D if we planned for it from the start, a la Uncharted 3 and IF we had the resources to support it. Please: reading is fundamental."

The chaotic vehicle combat series will make its PlayStation 3 debut some time in the first calendar quarter of 2012.

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