Houser slams mobile devs for choosing profit over quality

Another industry figure has a pop at cheap mobile games

Rockstar Games supremo Dan Houser has become the latest prominent industry figure to say that the proliferation of cheap mobile games in damaging the games industry.

Houser went even further suggesting that many mobile games developers primary interest lay in making money rather than making good games.

He said: "This is my personal opinion, but I think a lot of people in the general mobile industry are more focused on making money than making good products. We're a business, too - we have to think about how to build revenue and we value the knowledge you need for that, but we want to conduct business with superior products. Focusing on nothing but business is depressing to me; it's boring. I want people to understand that we make games for more than just to make money."

Houser continued: "Our mobile strategy is not at all different from our console strategy - in other words, we don't have one. Our focus is purely on making games that we can be confident on the quality of. We've never made something because we felt it was a business opportunity or because we thought there was some niche in the marketplace we could fill. I don't think mobile is going to swallow up video games, but it's an important topic. The massive phenomenon we saw when portable game systems came out has already spread over the mobile market, but we've experienced successes and failures in portables in the past."

Rockstar's most recent mobile effort is a mobile version of GTA III celebrating the game's tenth anniversary.

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