CCP: Dust 514 will change online console gaming forever

One giant leap for console-kind

EVE Online developer CCP are hoping to shape the future for online console gaming with their PS3-exclusive Dust 514.

Dust 514 is a MMOFPS that is linked in with EVE Online with the planetside actions having real effects on their cult PC MMO.

CCP's Thor Gunnarsson said: "The console space right now is where the PC was before the internet really kicked off. Console is about to leap forward and it won't look back. It would be a risk not to make Dust. It would be a risk to think that everything will work if we sit still."

"Our goal is simple; the actions of a PS3 player can have huge ramifications for large corporations within the world of EVE," Gunnarsson elaborated. "At CCP we've always believed that what happened in the PC space, when it was reborn around online gaming, would eventually happen with consoles. It is at that very point that we wanted to come in and lead the way. That will iterate over time. But, the objective is to make Dust 514 be significant to the world of Eve and vice-versa. So Dust players can call in air support or munitions from EVE players."

Dust 514 was confirmed by Sony and CCP at this year's E3 and is due some time in 2012.

Thanks Develop Online.

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