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Battlefield 3 360 servers creaking under the weight of traffic

US gamers stretching the Battlefield 3 servers to breaking point

Despite the recent beta test and extensive stress testing it appears that the Xbox 360 servers for Battlefield 3 are having trouble coping with the sheer volume of players.

There have been connection problems reported by gamers following Battlefield 3's US release yesterday. Even the stress-testing of over 9.5 million people that played the beta didn't prepare DICE and EA for the number of people logging on to play Battlefield 3 on release day.

Fixes have been reported over the game's official Twitter feed and later by DICE community manager Daniel Matros although is seems that some gamers are still experiencing problems.

Battlefield 3 arrives in the UK and Europe on Friday 28th of October on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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