Introversion delays Subversion indefinitely

New title coming to this year's IGF

Indie studio Introversion has revealed that they will be bringing a completely new project to this year's Independent Games Festival and also announced that they have shelved their current project, Subversion.

The Darwinia developer explained that they were having trouble balancing development between Subversion and their other new title and the latter was a more fully-formed concept and so Subversion has been shelved for the moment.

Creative boss at Introversion, Chris Delay explained: "Internally we had come to realise that somewhere along the six years of part-time development, we had lost our way. We couldn't even remember what sort of game it was supposed to be anymore."

he continued: "We'd ended up with a game that looked and sounded brilliant, classic Introversion with its blue wireframe and sinister faceless characters. But there was a massive gaping hole where you would normally see a 'core game'. We'd tried and tried to fill that hole with ambitious tech and experimental systems, but you couldn't escape it. We've made the fatal mistake of having more fun making the game than gamers would ever have playing it."

Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

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