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PS4 projects beginning at Sony studios?

Work begins on Sony's next-gen games

Industry sources have dropped some big hints that some of Sony's internal development studios have begun work on games for the PlayStation 4.

Many of Sony's studios will be taken focusing on continuing support for the PS3 as well as helping to ensure the upcoming PS Vita has plenty of games to choose from, some studios will also be starting to put together the titles that will form the basis of the PS4's launch line-up.

The PS4 is still not expected to appear on the scene until 2014 at the earliest but they may be spurred on by the Wii U's arrival next year and the rumours of Microsoft's next home console being announced next year.

Sony has declined to comment on the rumours. In the meantime they have confirmed that the PS Vita will be released on February the 22nd in Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and North America.

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