Doom 3 gets Co-operative on Live

New mode revealed for FPS port

Activision's LA press shindig yesterday yielded some interesting news concerning the Doom 3 Xbox port currently in development at Vicarious Visions. Apparently, the new title will offer support for a co-operative mode over Xbox Live, as well as a four-player Deathmatch mode that has been wowing attendees at the event. It certainly sounds as if Doom 3 will be something of a coup for the Xbox then, boasting a far more extensive multiplayer component than its id-developed PC counterpart.

The many plaudits of the co-operative gameplay mode had certainly been clamouring for this kind of support over Live, though many believed that the best they could hope for would be system link and split-screen support. Thank you Vicarious Visions.

Although the Xbox version of the latest Doom isn't quite with us yet, several reports have it that the PC version is very near indeed with the strong possibility of a completion announcement hoped for within the next few weeks. More on this as we get it, naturally.

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