Mass Effect 3 is a great way into the series says Muzyka

It's as much of a new beginning as it is an end

BioWare co-founder Dr Ray Muzyka is so confident in the quality of Mass Effect 3 that the reckons it is not only the best in the series but also the best entry point for newcomers.

Although they haven't confirmed what they will be doing beyond the end of Mass Effect 3 Dr Muzyka is looking on the it as much as a new beginning as it is the end of Shepard's battle with the Reapers.

He began: "We're simultaneously developing this for core fans but we also recognise this is probably the best entry point for the franchise. It's our highest quality game in the franchise and we've been working our asses off to try and make it the best. I think it's an epic end to a trilogy but it's also a new beginning, it's the beginning of a galactic war."

"We haven't announced any details of what we're doing beyond the trilogy, but I think we're very interested in the continuity of the experience beyond it, too. We want this to be a satisfying conclusion, an epic game in its own right and the best entry point for players who havent experienced it so, yeah, we want to reach a wider audience, were always trying to do that. We also want this to be a new beginning for what might come in the future in that universe," the BioWare co-founder added.

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