Braben confirms that The Outsider remains in limbo

EA and Codemasters both linked to Frontier's wilderness title

Frontier boss David Braben has confirmed that their long-running spy project, The Outsider, has not been cancelled but they're not currently working on it either.

Another anonymous source has fuelled speculation on the title saying that the project has been attached to both EA and Codemasters at various points.

The source suggested that Codemasters had signed The Outsider in 2008 but later dropped it in their desire to refocus on their core racing titles. The source began: "Codemasters decided they didn't want to fund it any more, they were being bank-rolled by a new Indian firm and focused their attention on core brands."

EA's interest was pipped by the title but they apparently wanted to repackage it as a Bourne title so that they could make use of the franchise after canning Starbreeze's interpretation of the series.

The source continued: "EA wanted a Bourne game because they own the franchise, and they didn't want to set up a new brand with The Outsider, it would be a safer bet to do another Bourne game. The game was almost complete, save for final recorded dialogue and cut scenes. The actual game is fully playable from start to finish, and though not fully polished gameplay-wise, it was still looking good and close to being a damn fine cover-based shooter."

Thanks Joystiq and Develop Online.

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