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Dust 514 easily the biggest multiplayer FPS on the market says CCP

Could Dust 514 really be the first true MMOFPS?

CCP has been talking up the grand scale of their PS3-exclusive online shooter Dust 514 saying that it is an MMOFPS not just an FPS.

Executive producer, Brandon Laurino, said that players will end up coordinating battles with tens of thousands players at once.

He said: "In terms of scale, depth and volume of content, DUST 514 will easily be the biggest multiplayer FPS on the market also by virtue of being an MMOFPS, not just an FPS. Sometimes users are coordinating battles involving tens of thousands of players at once."

Laurino added on the in-game trading: "Right off the bat, we have literally thousands of in-game items built into the system; likewise, in terms of scale, youre looking at a conflict taking place across thousands of planets, so we're not just talking a dozen maps we're talking an entire universe of planets and areas of engagement within them."

Dust 514 is due out some time in 2012 only on PS3 and the events in the game will have a real effect on what happens in EVE Online. CCP also have beta planned before the game's full release.

Thanks PlayStation Blog.

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