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Call of Duty and Saints Row in development for next-gen hardware?

More new-hardware rumours surface

News has emerged of some big titles in development for the next generation of home console hardware.

Treyarch are advertising for a senior software engineer to bring "a hugely successful game to a new console". Given that the last titles that Treyarch released that weren't Call of Duty games were way back in 2008 it is a safe bet that the game is a Call of Duty title.

The new console could very well be the Wii U or even the PS Vita but there is also the possibility that it is for the next Xbox or PlayStation. The vagueness of the job listing does seem to hint at a non-disclosure being in effect.

It has also been suggested in this month's issue of Xbox World that Saints Row 4 has been pencilled in as in development for the Xbox 720.

Thanks IndustryGamers and CVG.

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