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First DLC pack for Gears of War 3 revealed

Horde mode the first to get extra content

Microsoft has unveiled and dated the first pack of downloadable content for Gears of War 3.

The Horde Command Pack features extra levels and new fortifications for Horde mode as well as adding a few new multiplayer characters and team skins.

Medical Plaza casts players into the bullet-ridden medical plaza in Jacinto. Rustlung is set in the hulk of a huge battleship hiding a Silverback if players can withstand the waves of oncoming enemies. The final new level is Azura, humanity's top secret paradise, kitted out with dual sniping positions to aid it's defence.

Players can also bolster their defences with an upgrade to your decoy turning it into an Onyx Turret, a Sentry upgrade toughening it up so it can take out a Berzerker, a Silverback upgrade improving it's rocket launcher and reducing its repair cost and finally, the Command Centre allowing players to call in mortar strikes, sniper support and even multiple Hammer of Dawn strikes.

The pack also includes Onyx Guard, Big Red Dizzy and Bernie as playable characters and Team Plasma and Jungle Camo team colour schemes.

The Horde Command Pack launches on November the 4th for 800 MS points. If you picked up the Season Pass for Gears of War 3 at 2400 MS points it will automatically download the first time you log on to Xbox Live after release day.

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