Capcom go Under the Skin

Panic Maker exposed

You may already have heard talk online of a title called 'Panic Maker' from the same creator as Viewtiful Joe, and today publisher Capcom has enlightened us a little further concerning this unusual new title, which will be released beyond Japan as 'Under the Skin'. This new PS2 game will see players following the progress of Cosmi as he arrives on Earth as part of his training to become a galaxy-class nuisance. Needless to say, chaos will ensue as Cosmi uses a DNA ray gun to assume human identities and cause mayhem and confusion.

Said confusion will cause panic-stricken bystanders to drop coins which Cosmi can then collect and turn into points. Not that its an entirely worry-free existent for our young alien friend, as the creation of too much anarchy will lead to the unwanted attentions of some rather violent mobs which needless to say can cause Cosmi a few problems of his own.

Large free-roaming environments are promised along with cell-shaded visuals, and a number of whacky tricks at Cosmi's disposal. The game will be released by Capcom this Autumn. More as we get it.

E3 Trailer