Israeli TV leaks Dead Space 3?

Artwork for the nest Dead Space title appears in studio video tour

In a mildly confusing turn of events an Israeli TV station has leaked some artwork for Dead Space 3.

The TV segment shows a tour of Visceral's Redwood Shores studios in California with developers hard at work on what appears to be Dead Space 3. This is underlined by the 3D modellers working on some horrific beast underneath a large banner bearing a logo for Dead Space 3.

EA's Frank Gibeau said recently about the series' potential: "The Resident Evil series was awesome, the early versions were phenomenal. [Capcom] did a good job of growing the franchise to a very large market. I think we still have some areas to grow with Dead Space in terms of trying to reach a broader audience without losing the quality and that survival-horror mechanic. That's how we're going to think about it as we think about Dead Space 3 and what we do next with the IP."

Dead Space 2 launched at the beginning of this year to a very healthy reception by gamers and critics alike scoring a mighty 92 percent when we reviewed it back in January.

The 30-second TV clip is available to view over on IGN.

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