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Microsoft reveals Season Pass for Gears of War 3

Discount available for pre-ordering all the DLC in one go

Microsoft has announced that there will be a Season Pass available including all the DLC for Gears of War 3.

This Season Pass works similarly to the pass that was available for LA Noire and basically pre-orders all the DLC in one go and automatically downloads it when it becomes available.

The pack includes all four planned downloadable add-ons including content for campaign and multiplayer modes and accompanying achievements. It also adds the Liquid Metal Weapon Set which features the Lancer, Retro Lancer, Hammerburst, Gnasher and Sawed-Off Shotguns.

The Season Pass for Gears of War 3 will be available from launch day, the 20th of September, at 2400 MS Points which represents around a 33 percent saving over buying all the DLC packs individually.

The first pack of DLC is due this November.

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