Clint Hocking not happy with annual sequels

Annual releases will bore gamers says LucasArts man

Far Cry 2 developer, Clint Hocking has had a go at the increasing trend to release annual sequels in games franchises.

The growing list of annual series releases includes Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Need For Speed alongside the usual iterations of sports titles like FIFA and Madden.

Hocking argued that releasing a new sequel every year will make gamers get bored of the series they once loved as well as taking resources away from the creation of new IPs.

The former Ubisoft man, now at LucasArts said: "You may sell lots of copies of two or three sequels. But you will bore the audience very quickly and will have likely already spent all your money on the fourth sequel before realizing the audience is tired of the game and wont buy it at all."

Hocking continued: "It might generate easy revenue, but the long-term costs to the creative well-being of our workforce and the risk it places on our pipeline and workflow development, and on the skills we nurture and develop and will then need to leverage in making future games and (hopefully) new brands and franchises, should not be underestimated."

Thanks Edge.

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