Battlefield 3 single player story not competing with Modern Warfare 3 says DICE

Storyline will be realistic and believable

DICE's David Goldfarb, lead designer on Battlefield 3 has been talking about the single player aspects of their new shooter and has promised that they will not try to compete with Modern Warfare 3 in the storyline stakes.

While the Modern Warfare games have slipped into a very ridiculous over-blown Michael Bay storyline, Goldfarb has assured Battlefield afficionados that Battlefield 3's storyline will be a much more realistic and believable one.

Goldfarb said reassuringly: "It's not about the competition. You're always aware of what other people are doing, but I know I feel that when we made this game, theres a certain point at which it becomes unbelievable. I think it's really important for myself and for others to keep it within that place where it feels current and plausible, and to me theres a very fine balance. We need to make it feel as though you could read a paper and feel this could have happened. Thats what's actually informing the requirements of the story: even if it is ridiculous, would you buy it in a credibility sense? That's been a big part of why weve done stuff. And it has been very different in that way."

Battlefield 3 will get the jump on Modern Warfare 3, releasing on October the 28th on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Thanks VG247.

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