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Star Wars: The Old Republic release date will depend on the beta results

Still aiming for a release by the end of the year

EA's Frank Gibeau has been talking about the continuing lack of a concrete release date for BioWare's first MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The new boss of EA Labels has explained that the release date for The Old Republic is very much influenced by how the beta phase of testing turns out but they are still aiming for a release in the holiday 2011 period.

Gibeau said: "We're driving towards a date, but the very issue you raised is why we're not announcing a date yet because you want to make sure that these services can last a decade.It is definitely tied to the beta test feedback that's ongoing and so far, so good. We feel good about the date that we're heading towards but you're right, you could have a Crazy Ivan show up in the September/October beta test and be like, 'wow, I've got to fix that'."

The EA executive added: "You've got to have a great launch and as more and more user feedback comes in we make those polishing decisions on what we're going to get right and nail. The other thing is, the technology of standing these things up and then getting all the server farms to work together, talk to one another, store character records... it's extraordinarily complex and so we want a very stable experience. We don't want to happen to us what happened to WoW and a couple of other services where in the first week there were queues trying to get on to the servers, the entire service crashed - we don't want that to happen. So we need to nail and make sure that it's up 24/7 and it's high quality. We're totally focused on quality, so whatever the beta test tells us is what will be the determining variable on when we will hit."

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