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Sony has an attack of honesty and explains the absence of PS3 cross-game chat

PS3 games swallow up memory

The president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has given a refreshingly honest explanation of why there is no cross-game chat function on the PS3.

According to Yoshida-san, games running on the PS3 swallow up RAM in such a way that makes it impossible to free up memory to allow cross game chat while a game is running.

He said: "Once a game gets RAM we never give it back. It's not possible to retrofit something like that after the fact."

Yoshida-san continued: "The game has to use its own memory to do [in-game voice chat]. There's always voice chat in the game. But it's a part of a game feature. It's not a part of an OS feature. That's the reason in terms of the ability to have voice chat across different games."

Thanks Eurogamer.

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